Our team is experienced and committed to innovation in lifestyle, half hour scripted comedy, new documentary and docu-soap formats for the specialty channels. Our process is guided by three key core values – Authenticity, Relevance and Spectacle. Our work is authentic to its subject matter and produced with integrity, it is relevant and kept relevant to its target audience, and is produced with an eye toward spectacle to make sure it sparkles.

Our own core values are our V.I.C.E.S. – Visceral, Immersive, Complete, Elegant and Spectacular. We run all our creative through these filters to create an experience that matches these values.

Our team is comprised of approximately a dozen full time people with a range of producing skills from creating and researching, thru editing and packaging, and production management and financial administration; and about 20 of the country’s best craftspeople who come and go but mostly just never leave. The industry is full of bright creative talent who have benefited from our mentoring and intern programs.

Magee TV’s production facilities include two 2000 square foot gridded production studios with an equal sized green room, and approximately 4,000 feet of production office, and a workshop. We are a partner in Visual Fixations, an 8 suite HD post production facility, and wholly own The Kimono Surf Company, a lighting, grip and HD camera company.

If you’ll permit a final rant, we love what we do and the people we work with. We’re committed to increasing the productivity, quality of life, and prosperity of all our collaborators. For our broadcasters we aim to increase the impact of the channel, increase viewer satisfaction, and always strive to increase ratings. We provide a full creative and administrative support service that allow us to take great care of our partners and develop awesome long term relationships with all of our collaborators who love producing, broadcasting and selling great television.


Al Magee – President/Executive Producer
Neil Huber – Producer-Web and Special Projects

Steven Mitchell – Post Producer/Producer