Hunter S. Thompson once said, “The TV business is a shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs.”  TV’s got nothing on politics.

Mike Mckay (39) is a brilliant politician and Chief of Staff for right wing Prime Minister Norman Hill (50). Not many people outside political circles could pick Mike out of a police line up, and that’s just the way Mike likes it. He prefers to be the man behind The Man — the guy pulling the strings and secretly steering a nation’s course.

Mike wasn’t always a ruthless political animal. An idealist at heart, Mike got into politics to make a difference, but soon realized that to make a difference you have to win. And in politics, to win, you have to be willing to “manipulate” the truth. Mike McKay is very good at manipulating the truth, and that has made him invaluable to the Conservative Party – and now, after two consecutive terms in office, Mike is about to bring Prime Minister Norman Hill in for a third.  Life in politics has become a little boring for Mike.  So after this one last campaign, he’s been promised a golden parachute into corporate Canada. He just has to get Norman elected and he’ll be handed a seven-figured job by one of the party’s powerful corporate backers.  It’s in the bag…

… or is it. Turns out that life holds a big surprise for Mike McKay. Because unbeknownst to Mike, or anyone else, Prime Minister Norman Hill (or non-stick Norman as he is known in the press) has developed a non-lethal brain tumor with one curious side effect — he can’t seem to help but tell the truth. Okay two… he’s also conversing with dead political figures who also appear to be giving him advice…

What could be more absurd than a right wing leader who can’t tell a lie?  And how is Mike supposed to win an election with a candidate who keeps telling the truth? Because if there’s one place the truth doesn’t belong, its politics!  But in an insane world, an seemingly insane man can seem rational, even sage and ironically, Canadians are actually beginning to like this new, in your face, no nonsense, liberal style Norman. Ladies knickers haven’t been in this kind of a knot since Trudeau flipped the bird.

But the Party’s corporate backers, led by back-room party big-wig Herb King, are certainly not interested in “the truth”, especially when it pertains to dirty oil or taxes on big business. Norman’s new approach to honesty threatens everything that Herb and the other wealthy backers stand for, so Herb’s not taking any chances, he’s sticking one of his people on Mike’s team, Nikki Cooper (35). Nikki’s a political mercenary who is as tough and determined as she is smart and seductive. For Nikki, political allegiance is something that directly translates to “highest bidder” and she is known for doing whatever it takes to win an election. Mike and Nikki have been on opposing sides many times before, so Mike knows what a tough adversary she can be – unfortunately for Mike and his team, they’re about to find out she’s just as tough as an ally.  But, despite himself, Mike can’t help but admire the woman… and maybe a little more. But work comes first and the message from Herb is perfectly clear, make Norman spout the Party line, or it’s good-bye golden parachute, sayonara seven figured salary, and everything else Mike has worked for his entire life.

And politics isn’t the only thing affected by Norman’s “condition”.  Mike is about to discover that the same truth that is wreaking havoc on his political career can also be pretty tough on his personal life. Because the funny thing is, when the truth comes out, it has a way of invading every little dark corner of life, including Mike’s engagement to the “perfect woman” Diana Thompson (30) and the social status he’s worked so hard to attain. The fact is Mike’s life is propped up by a string of lies and half-truths. It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen… but a catastrophe that might just make him a better man.

So Mike’s got his work cut out for him – he’s got to manage a Prime Minister who may be losing his mind, keep the Press at bay and the public in the dark, keep his party happy, as well as try to and salvage his own career while dealing with the seismic repercussions of truth entering his soon-to-be very screwed up personal life.  So, the question this series seeks to answer is – will a man who makes his living selling lies be able to survive the truth and find redemption?

The Hill is a half hour comedy series about a jaded conservative Chief of Staff whose life plummets into chaos when his boss, the Prime Minister of Canada, gets a brain tumor and starts telling the truth.