Night Chef Wins at 2011 Banff World Media Festival!

Night Chef has taken home top prize at the 2011 Banff International Pilots Competition in the Entertainment Programs Category. Magee TV would like to thank the Banff World Media Festival for this prestigious award, and tip our hats to the Night Chef team, Martin McNenly, Rick Wahl, Peter Toccalino and the Night Chef himself Matt Demille. To see more Night Chef, head to when their second birthday to post This means that your balloon... Read More

Everyday Exotic – 2011 Yorkton Film Festival

Everyday Exotic has been nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award at the 2011 Yorkton Film Festival in the Lifestyle Category. The Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival is the longest running festival of its kind in North America. Over the years, the festival has garnered an esteemed reputation as one of the country’s top film and video festivals; a reputation that attracts outstanding entries and personalities from across Canada. Wish us luck. fun... Read More

Night Chef – Banff World Media Awards

Hey Everyone, Night Chef has been selected as a nominee in this year’s Banff International Pilots competition in the Entertainment category. For over three decades, the Banff World Media Festival has brought top leaders from across the evolving media landscape to the heart of the Canadian Rockies for a totally unique experience.  The Festival began as an intimate space where unparalleled access and cutting-edge insight could combine to forge... Read More