Being the big turkey he is, Wendell Ferguson has stuffed every Christmas with more merry tunes than he can play in one sitting, which for his audience, is all gravy.

Typical, it wasn’t until the night of January 04 that Wendell and the members of his band, The Smoking Section, celebrated Christmas by performing at the festively decked out Hugh’s Room in Toronto, Canada. In front of a full house, five video cameras, and three nuns, Wendell performed a series of soon to be seasonal delete bin favourites like, “Jesus Christ! It’s Your Birthday Again”, “Santa’s Dead”, “Another White Trash Christmas”, and “Why Does Every Christmas Song Have So Many Chords?” Reaction after the show was as swift as Santa’s sleigh, “Wendell shouldn’t be missed, he should be hit”, “It was a fun, fun, surreal well-lit kinda night”, “I laughed my head and lips off”, “Can’t wait for the DVD, I’ve got many friends I’d like to inflict it on”.

Well, the wait is over! Relive a wonderful holiday night [even if belated] with Wendell Ferguson and The Smoking Section, as they serve up an unhealthy helping of Christmas songs rich in humour, and poor in taste.

Winner: 2010 Platinum Remi Award for Music Production “Special/Show” at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival