Expressing your true personality through your home decor is no easy task but when you have two of television’s hottest decorators willing to duke it out it in the name of distinctive design – everything is possible.

Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman strive to resolve the rivalry between what their guest desires and their guest’s space demands. It’s decorator vs. decorator, decorator vs. space, and space vs. client in a high stakes battle to capture the soul and style of each new space.

Chris and Steven take a new approach to decorating by befriending their guests as they join them for a favorite pastime in a place that reflects their passions. Here Chris and Steven each begin to formulate their own specific take on the guest – who they are and how their space can express their individuality. Steven and Chris take that information about the guest into the space and thus begins a collaboration between our hosts to resolve the rivalry between the desires of the guest and the demands of the space.

Through a process of creative conflict, our decorating heroes debate the truth about the client and their individual style. They agree to disagree as they explore all the options to design a space that reflects the guest’s innermost needs, desires, and individuality.

Circling the creative rivalry is Deborah their sensible stylist, and Blake their handsome handyman who lend their expertise to implement Chris and Steven’s sometimes conflicting visions. It’s a race against the clock to finish the room before the client returns – then all of the hard work and rivalry is showcased in a spectacular reveal.

Design Rivals celebrates conflict as a means to creativity. It shows a radical new approach to decorating, full of wild ideas, hilarious conspiracies, and some of the most amazing decorating ideas on television.

Produced for Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting. Airing on HGTV Canada.