Partydish is a half hour hosted television series that shows urban Food enthusiasts how to plan and execute dinner parties, effortlessly and elegantly. It’s all about how to entertain brilliantly with food.

Our host, Trish Magwood, chef, culinary expert and party planner- meets with our Guest, an urban foodie deep in the throes of a dining dilemma. Like Serena, who is in-charge of throwing her favourite cousin a memorable ‘Sweet 16′. Or Sarah, who wants to surprise her husband with a special tenth anniversary dinner party. Our guest not only wants to succeed, deep down they want to impress and even make their friends envious.

Personal stakes are established, dreams are shared, and we’re made well aware of what can go wrong along the way. The situation is ripe with a narrative that is exploited at every turn. The show takes its cues from the audience it is serving: urban, chic, contemporary, stylish and very discerning.

For anyone who has ever gone to a dinner party and said: ‘How can I do that?’ Partydish will show them. In fact we’ll not only show them how to do it, we’ll show them how to do it better!

Produced for Food Networking Canada.
Airing in the US on Fine Living.