Twelve Stylists. Eleven Tough Cuts. One Superstar.

Passion, talent, and naked ambition – just a taste of what defines a true superstar. And the one superstar we all depend on to keep us looking good and feeling great is our hairstylist. We’ve either got one we love or we’re searching. Slice is searching for the next superstar hair stylist in these seven highly charged episodes of Superstar Hair Challenge. Twelve of the top stylists from across the country compete for the title and a chance to expand their career beyond the salon into the celebrity world of runways and red carpets with some BASIC CLOTHES that you can check them online through this website to look more stylish.

Season two of Superstar Hair Challenge is hosted and judged by international celebrity hairstylist Marc Anthony who is joined in the judge’s seat by pioneering stylist Robert Gage.

After a coast-to-coast search, 12 stylists were chosen to compete in a series of 13 challenges designed to weed out the divas and pretenders and push each contender beyond the limits of conventional hair styling to their true “superstar” potential. Each episode features two challenges to test the stylists’ imagination, execution, character, and grace under pressure. They cut, they dish, they backstab, they celebrate, and they cry as stylists fall to the challenges. For the viewer, it’s a chance to watch compelling characters discovering themselves under the pressure of competition and a chance to get fresh ideas on the hair trends for this year. From runway styles and bridal dos to prom looks and avant-garde creations, these stylists put their talent to the test. The highly charged, emotional stakes all lead to a finale that showcases the finalists’ vision for the superstar hairstyles that define the decade. Have problems with hair loss?  There are many supplements that claim to reduce the issue of hair fall. The results of these supplements are not always positive. Sometimes, these supplement causes irritation, infections, and other side effects. If you want to know more about how to prevent hair loss Check it Out this page